All marking is completed by an trained and experienced National Curriculum Test marker. The marker is graded 'Excellent' which means the following:
· participated and engaged in Training Meetings
· passed standardisation on all allocated items
· not reached the validity threshold on any validity items within their allocation.
You can be sure marking is completed independently and also consistently in a timely manner.
On return of the tests and analysis, you are free to amend the marking and analysis should you wish to.


You get a complete analysis of the tests based on question and strand performance. You will also receive a contextual analysis of groups including gender, disadvantaged/non-disadvantaged, SEND/non-SEND. If you order marking and analysis for reading, mathematics and provide a writing assessment, you will also get an analysis of combined performance. Test types not ordered will remain blank on the report but can be added by the school on return. Samples of the types of analysis can be found below:

Individual Pupil Report

Pupil Analysis by Strand

Strand performance with strand weighting

Cohort Performance Overview

Cohort Performance Graph - Correct vs Incorrect

Cohort Performance Graph - Ordered by Strand

Detailed Question Performance by pupil

Contextual Cohort Performance Headlines

Contextual Cohort Performance - Disadvantaged vs non-disadvantaged

Overview of pupil outcomes


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