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Terms and Conditions

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1) Service

  • PrimaryAnalysis will mark all tests.
  • PrimaryAnalysis will return all tests securely by post on completion.
  • PrimaryAnalysis will input data into the Test Analysis spreadsheets.
  • PrimaryAnalysis will send the Test Analysis electronically to the school.

2) Ordering

  • The initial order: Orders are placed through the form found here. An order confirmation will be sent back electronically. This will include an approximate estimate of the final fee and an approximate estimate of the timescales.

3) Carriage

  • The school is responsible for packaging and sending the tests to PrimaryAnalysis and ensuring that they arrive in a good condition ready to mark. Tracked delivery is recommended.
  • If tests fail to arrive, the school will not be charged for marking and analysis, but will still need to pay the administration fee.
  • PrimaryAnalysis will return the tests by tracked delivery on completion.
  • International orders will incur additional administration fees due to higher carriage costs. This will be stated in the order confirmation after the initial order is placed.

4) Analysis

  • The school will provide the required pupil characteristics. A template spreadsheet will be sent to schools when an order is placed.
  • The Test Analysis will be returned electronically on completion.
  • The school will need access to Excel 2010 or later to make full use of the Test Analysis.

5) Marking Judgements

  • Tests are marked by an experienced and trained National Curriculum Tests marker. In the event there is a disagreement/error on the marking, or error in the data input, there is no system for appealing. However, amendments may be made to the Test Analysis by the school.

6) Fees

  • All orders are subject to a non-refundable single administration fee. Currently this is £70.
  • The remainder of the fee depends on the type of test and the quantity. Current fees can be found at the website here
  • A purchase order number must be provided when ordering.
  • All fees are payable on completion.
  • Invoices will be sent with the return of the tests and electronically with the Test Analysis.
  • Payment is expected within 14 days of the invoice being sent.
  • Payment can be made by cheque (to Martin Green c/o PrimaryAnalysis), or by BACS. Details can be found in the invoice.
  • Discounts are available from time to time and will be advertised on the website. This will be stated in the order confirmation after the initial order is placed.

7) Timescales

  • Other than school holiday times, PrimaryAnalysis will aim to return tests and Test Analysis within 5 working days from the day they are received. 
  • For marking and analysis during the school holidays, tests and Test Analysis will be returned soon after term time has recommenced.
  • International orders will take longer to be returned, but we will still aim to mark and analyse the tests with 5 working days.
  • Adjustments to the timescales may be needed to be made during periods of high demand. You will be informed of this in the order confirmation.

8) Cancellation

  • If the school has been sent the order confirmation but then wishes to cancel the order, the administration fee will still need to be paid. Marking and analysis fees will be cancelled.
  • In the unlikely event that PrimaryAnalysis cancels the order, then no fees are payable and any tests received will be returned at the expense of PrimaryAnalysis.

9) Confidentiality and Copyright

  • PrimaryAnalysis will not pass data to any third party without written permission from the school, and will decline any third party requests.
  • PrimaryAnalysis will comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • School contact information may be used by The Primary Collection (of which PrimaryAnalysis is a part) to inform them of updates and service changes. Please inform us at if you do not wish to receive this information.
  • The Test Analysis tool may not be shared outside of the school or put online, and is copyrighted under
  • Requests to unlock the Test Analysis tool with be declined in order to protect the copyright and the functionality of the system.



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